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jar project

Regardless of the epidemic or not,
Let love and service be as transparent as a jar.

Project purpose

The donations and materials received by Silver Gate will be settled on a regular basis, after deducting the expenses for internal service cases of Silver Gate,
Then rationally allocate it to partner foundations to make resources more sustainable and fluid.

​ There are many NPO organizations such as foundations and associations in Taiwan, which are dedicated to serving the elderly and the disabled. However, they are relatively weak in terms of marketing and promotion, digital connection and updating. Starting from 2019, Silver Gate has successively cooperated with many excellent local organizations in the region. Cooperation, it is found that they are deeply cultivated in the local area, but they are not necessarily seen, resulting in a shortage of funds and materials.

It is hoped that through "Project Jar", we will make the service as transparent as a jar and let love flow.


Online food delivery care

The whole Taiwan series

Each online meal delivery care record represents the implementation of our service with our partners, and makes love and service visible with the power of technology and digital.

Connecting all the partners of the Silver Gate cooperation in Taiwan: from foundations, associations to social enterprises and other NPO organizations.


Redistribution of donations

The Silver Gate will share the regularly received materials, payments and other resources with the unit partners of the Silver Gate, so that the resources can be allocated reasonably.


common interests

​To monopolize resources in the silver gate is not the meaning of the establishment of this gate. We hope to work with all units for mutual benefit, so that the industry can be integrated, connected, and created a better future.

Jar plan Step1.


​Aggregate resources

The Jar Project makes love and service as transparent as a jar!

The Silver Gate will collect some materials and donations from all over Taiwan. However, there are many NPO organizations in Taiwan who also need help, and they have been deeply involved in the field for many years but have not been seen.

The cooperative unit cooperates with Silver Gate on the "
Meal Delivery Management System for the Elderly", so that the unit can provide transparent and clear food delivery care logs, which can ensure the implementation of services and the rational application of resources.

Jar Project Step2.


Consolidate distribution

The Jar Project makes love and service as transparent as a jar!

Through cooperation, when Silver Gate receives materials and payments, after deducting the demand and amount of Silver Gate's internal operations and self-service cases, the remaining resources are reasonably allocated to NPO organizations such as partners.

Solve the doubts of general sponsors who are not sure which units they want to help, and also solve the gaps of many local NPO organizations.

Jar Project Step3.

Practice transparency

The Jar Project makes love and service as transparent as a jar!

In addition to delivering meals and materials to Silver Gate's own service cases, it regularly integrates and distributes resources and funds and then shares it with NPO organizations such as cooperative foundations and associations.

In addition to the public donation certificate, the "Meal Delivery Care Log" will also be regularly uploaded on the jar project page, so that you can see which elders the money or materials you donated, how many years, what time, and what time.


The origin of the jar project

In the summer of 2019, not long after its establishment, Silver Gate launched the "jar project". At that time, it was holding a bottle of transparent small empty jam jars at the cooperative store, and asked the public or the store to donate the change they found into the jar. However, the jar was too small at the time to carry and store, and the plan was put on hold.

Until 2021, in the process of continuous service, we found that the meaning of the jar is not the jar itself, but the symbol of resource flow, service and love being seen , so we decided to restart and re-end the jar project in July 2021. meaning.​

​Why trust us?

The general NPO organization presents a situation: it fails to let the sponsors who do not know the unit clearly understand whether the unit has services.
Even though many organizations publish service photos, videos and articles, they are not updated in real time .

This caused the sponsors who did not know the unit to be unsure of their trust. Even though this unit or organization has been deeply involved in the field for many years, because its marketing, digital links are too weak, or there is no human marketing promotion, the service cannot be seen, resulting in a shortage of funds or resources.

Silver Gate hopes to bring innovation to the long-term care industry, using technology and digital connection, through
mobile APP, food delivery management system  Provide sponsors with a more open and transparent food delivery care log, determine the date of the month, what time it will be delivered, who will be involved, and attach photos and anonymize or cover their faces to protect the personal information of elders or recipients.

The jar project allows more people to participate in social and elderly issues,
It also makes local service organizations more visible, resources flow, and service and love are more transparent like jars.


What can you do?

If you are a "sponsor"

You can
donate the amount to Silver Gate , and Silver Gate will regularly provide a jar project report (once every 2-3 months) to inform you how your donations flow and are distributed.
You can also
write a private message to ask us about the materials you want to donate, and the silver gate will allocate or recommend the needs of cooperative units for you, and tell us how your materials are distributed and helped in the jar project report.

If you are an "NPO organization"

You can become our partner, we will provide the
"Silver Gate APP Meal Delivery Management System" to help your service be seen by more people, improve management efficiency, and benefit more elderly and disabled recipients. Fill in the demand form according to the process at the bottom of the Silver Gate APP webpage, and a specialist will provide you with answers.

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