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Sakae Oat Plant Milk

In the morning with a fragrant latte, in addition to adding milk,

If you are vegan or want to try different flavors, try oat plant milk.

The Sakae oat plant milk, which is hard to buy on the Internet, is planned to be put on the shelves in the place of origin to the elders' table in conjunction with the elders' public welfare cooperation!

"I've never had oat milk, this is my first time"

This is what the elders who received loving donations in cooperation with Sakae-cho gave food to the elders.

For the elders, the novel plant milk such as oat milk has never been drunk before!

In the morning or hungry when the elders who received loving donations,

A can of oatmeal plant milk can fill your stomach quickly, healthy and nutritious.



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A small can of plant milk,

But there are two kinds of local friendly farming soybeans,

Fiber and double nutrition with oatmeal!

Rong Ding cooperates with Taichung Big Shot Agricultural Products Transportation and Marketing Cooperative,

Using local history soybeans with plump and bright pods,

​ Make oat milk more nutritious and idyllic.

​Except for oatmeal,
Also use friendly farming in ground soybeans

Donate with love
​ Elderly to enjoy

Convenient packaging and storage,

Let the elders be hungry or want to have a drink,

There are healthy drinks at hand.

these oatmeal plant milks,

It has become the breakfast of some food delivery elders.

Each can contains more dietary fiber,

Help the elders move their stomachs.

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