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​Senior Meal Delivery Ambassador

Send love and health to elders

Warriors who fear the wind, rain and the sun

from all over Taiwan

food delivery ambassadors

Chiayi City

Chiayi City, Ah Han, student

Ah Han, who is currently studying at Chiayi University,

Use spare time to help elders deliver meals,

He once said that he also has a grandpa with dementia,

I can understand very well the difficulty and loneliness of an elder who is inconvenient to handle meals at home alone . One year has passed. He is our first senior honorary meal delivery ambassador.

Chiayi City

Chiayi City, Yongle, housekeeper

As a single mother, Yong Le is usually cut off because she is alone with her son, so it is not easy to find a long-term and stable job. The food delivery job for elders in Chiayi City is really handy for her. She likes to chat with the elders, so they can't put it down. When they meet the elders who are melancholy and can't get out of their hearts, Ale will always cheer them up and give them more laughter.

Chiayi City

Chiayi City, Ah Xin, Freedom

Ah Xin always carefully records the food delivery care record sheet. She likes Ah Chai Ma's smile the most. Every time she reveals that she sees Grandma's smile and feels that she is also very happy.

Although they have not joined the Silver Gate for as long as Ah Han and Yongle, their love and dedication can't be calculated by how many miles.

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Chiayi City

Chiayi City, Awei, Liberty

Recently joined Meal Delivery for the Elderly

The work of the elder ambassador did not take long,

Awei's enthusiasm is like the sun in midsummer

Ask him why he joined us?

he explainedBecause the elders in the family passed away a while ago, in the process of taking care of the elders, I can't help but think that there seems to be little chance to care for other elders. By delivering meals, I have learned more about the needs and daily life of these elders.

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Chiayi County

Minxiong Township, Axian, small farmer

Brother A Xian of "Bone Strength" is the eldest in delivering meals to the elders, but he is also the one who works hard all year round.

Kindly, he not only joined the ranks of the silver door food delivery ambassadors, but also continued to volunteer for local foundations.

I have been a native of Minxiong since I was a child. I understand the popularity of aging in the countryside and the needs of elders to deliver meals. I deliver meals to the elders who have grown up with him since childhood. Watching the happy appearance of Aguima in the village chatting with him, I feel happy That's how it came about.

Chiayi County

Minxiong Township, Osmanthus Township Bento

Located in Jinxing Village, Minxiong Township, the proprietress of Osmanthus Township has been in business for decades. She has been doing a healthy and nutritious bento shop since she was 18 years old. It is more friendly than ordinary bento.

Over the years, we have prepared and delivered meals for the disadvantaged groups in the nearby communities. Talking about the dietary needs of the elders and delivering meals is more professional than us!

The disadvantaged elders of Jinxing Village, Minxiong Township are well guarded by our good partner: Osmanthus Township!

Chiayi County

Water Township, Longde Village

canteen for the elderly

Located in the Longde Village community in Shuihu Township, Chiayi County, village head Jiancheng leads the volunteer mothers in the community to make meals full of love and nutrition on a weekly basis, and assisted in delivering meals to three disadvantaged elders who we serve in Shuihu Township.

Referred and recommended by the head of the social division of Shuixiang Township, Chiayi County,

The united Longde Village will not only fulfill the mission of delivering meals, but also better, it will be able to help and care for the elders more closely.


Chiayi County

Zhongpu Township, good daughter-in-law

bento shop

Through the Chiayi County Hub Plan, a local good store recommended by the Health Bureau of Zhongpu Township, Chiayi County.

Hygienic, healthy and nutritious, besides the boss and the proprietress Ashali, they also diligently serve the surrounding people and elders. Before the silver gate has not looked for them, the boss, the proprietress and colleagues have already had similar ideas and concepts in their hearts. coincidentally.

They are still involved in food preparation and food delivery assistance, just hoping that the elders can eat the good craftsmanship they have been in over the years and stop starving.

There are our food delivery ambassador partners all over Taiwan

Without them, meals cannot be delivered to the elders on time;

Facing a declining birthrate and aging population in Taiwan, not only do we need more and more elders to deliver meals, but we also need more and more partners to join us in delivering health and love to our elders!

未命名的作品 4.gif

"The elders' meals are always guarded by a group of loving angels."

New Taipei City

Xinzhuang District

Enthusiastic Charity Care Association 

Originally, there were elders who served several communities, delivered meals to the elders, and provided food delivery care.

However, due to the complexity of the association's affairs, it is quite tight just to use the limited budget every month, not to mention the expansion of services.

The Silver Gate and the Enthusiastic Development Association have become partners of mutual cooperation. The Silver Gate provides arrangements for expenses and elders' needs, so that the association itself is not only doing the services it already has, but also adding some funds to achieve a sustainable cycle for the good of all parties!

New Taipei City

Yonghe District

Dragon Dad's Kitchen

He continued to help the disadvantaged groups and children in the local community, he said.


"Use the limited resources in the right place, and ask the school to let the disadvantaged families who can't receive low income and subsidies (hungry and not hungry children) come to the restaurant to use the meal substitute"

The domineering and kind-hearted Dragon Dad has a long-standing reputation for being "non-greasy", "healthy" and "delicious and nutritious" in the local area.

Thanks to the Dragon Dad team for helping to prepare and deliver meals, and become a good partner for the health of the elders with the silver gate!

New Taipei City

Xindian District, Jinghui, food delivery

Jinghui, who is a full-time delivery person, is also

Chiayi people always ride their bikes, shuttle between Taipei and New Taipei. They like to take pictures of beautiful scenery along the way, and they don't feel tired.

"Should be. 』

"I like to deliver meals to elders. 』

That's what she always says when we're worried if she's overworked.

Several times of the scorching sun, considering that the elders also want to eat something to cool off the heat, they bought bean curd and fruit for grandpa and grandma at their own expense without telling the silver gate.

Is Hui Hui too Buddha?

截圖 2020-07-20 上午12.18.06.png
New Taipei City

Xindian District, small tour, food delivery

The sound can make you can't help but get pregnant

Xiaoyou and Xiaohui are not only peers, but also friends.


Every time he communicated with Xiaoyou which elder he wanted to send, his reassuring tone also made Yin Xiaobian take a sedative for a year.

I don't know if it's a friend's relationship, but he often tells us

"Should be. 』

"No, you have worked hard too. 』

Food delivery not only warmed the hearts of the elders, but also warmed the Silver Gate team.

We are very grateful!

I want to join the food delivery bandwagon too!

"Regardless of wind and rain, sunshine, and traffic disturbances, they always try their best to deliver nutrition, health and love to their elders."

未命名的作品 5.gif

I want to join the food delivery bandwagon too!

I want to join the food delivery bandwagon too!


To be the one who brings health, warmth and love to the elders

food delivery ambassador

In addition to having a driver's license and being over 18 years old ,

There are no other restrictions.

We will not force schedules, nor will we force you to send to areas you do not want, or affect your personal time preferences.

Everything is based on your time and wishes. Long-term food delivery ambassadors can enjoy group safety insurance and vehicle and horse subsidies.

You can be a freelancer, housekeeper, unemployed,

Food delivery workers, retired people ...

You are very welcome at the silver gates, and join the ranks of delivering meals to the elders!

"We're not just serving meals,

It is health, care, warmth and love. 』

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