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Fresh refrigerated home delivery every Tuesday
Buy one for yourself and your family, and help local elders at the same time.

Mu Zhendou

From the girls who dared not drink soy milk since childhood, to the team of top 100 golden farmers, sports enthusiasts, and nutritionists, we hope to check the products for consumers from the source, and we will accompany us in every corner of the beautiful life.
​ The same classmates in the social enterprise stream incubator as Silver Gate! Hope to provide healthy diet to more elders and families.

"OK! Together, together! 』

The founder of Mu Zhendou, Claire, is actually a super girl, and she is always so active in shouting with us. Not only work hard but also be humble, where in the world can there be such an angel? The reason why soymilk appeared in the silver gate is not only because of classmates, but also because we want the elders to have more adequate nutritional intake, supplement enough high-quality protein, avoid sarcopenia and promote health!

​ So, today, have you had a cup of soy milk?


double the protein
​  1 2  concentration

To be amazingly smooth on the palate, it must reach 12 degrees.
Hundreds of sturdy domestically produced beans can make a jar
960ml of Muzhen Soybean Milk.

Because of this persistence, the protein of Muzhendou is nearly twice that of other brand soymilk, with a maximum protein content of 7g per 100 ml, and Muzhendou can taste the flavor of beans better. It is the best choice for moms, fitness, health, and vegetarian plant-based protein ingestors!

Delicious on the tip of the tongue
​ Stick to the fragrant doubling

Mu Zhendou and Taoyuan Babaomi Farm have a cooperative single farm, non-toxic and friendly farming;
For the sustainability of the ecological environment, it also supports the improvement of the food self-sufficiency rate of domestic grains and soybeans.

Not doped with other brands of soybeans is the insistence of Mu Zhendou and a guarantee for small farmers.

What you taste is not only soy milk, but also from the care for the origin and the love for the origin of the ingredients.

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