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Conservation of black kites from Keelung

Food for the Elderly
Not only healthy to enjoy,

Every can of Black Kite Michael Rye Juice sold will go back to Black Kite conservation and elders' food charity.

​Black ores Maca|Terroir crafted rye juice

Keelung City Bird "Black Kite" - flying with wings, hovering at the top, gliding and diving,

In the background is the wide Keelung Harbor, where the fishmongers loot the viscera and carrion washed into the river and sea.

People and eagles have watched and fed each other for more than a hundred years. The human-eagle emotion born from the harbor culture has become a unique urban ecological landscape in Keelung.

"Cocoa, hop flower, barley malt, water made by Pingtung natural farming method"

Support Taiwan's local agriculture with deeds and won the 2020 Taiwan Agricultural Goods Award

Only four simple natural ingredients, vegan, alcohol-free, combined with the natural farming method without filter residue, and the aroma of rye craft brewing,

No added sugar provides a natural sweetness with fewer bubbles for a gentler gulp.

As a healthy drink for ourselves and our elders, we also support the conservation of black kites together with the Taiwan Raptor Research Association.



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The hard red wheat from Shijia Farm is roasted at high temperature, and the coffee of the wheat itself, the aroma of chocolate, is roasted by the heat, and the black kite can be used to make the rye juice.

, resulting in a smooth dense texture with a natural sweetness from wheat. With no added sugar, it is a friendly and healthy drink for everyone and for those with high blood sugar.

​Combined with black kite conservation,
Sugar-free natural sweetness using more local crops

Natural farming method planting fairy drink tea raw milk Po

Keelung Maling, where there has been coal mining since the Qing Dynasty, a local elder said that his grandfather would drink a small cup of medicinal wine soaked in "plant roots" every day when he came home from the mine; it turned out that the roots of the tree belonged to Nippon Pu. root.

We made a contract with Keelung farmers to retrieve the plants of Taiwan land and Li Shi's memory, and also combined with the cool tonic drink - Xian Drink Tea, so that everyone can enjoy it together, and let the elders enjoy different healthy and loving spirits other than food delivery for the public good. The taste of tea.

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