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He used Hualien No. 23 rice to grow Taiwan black bears
In this land, pure grain soy sauce is brewed

Yuan Pei Nongfang

A social enterprise that cares for the land and is friendly to the environment, uses scientific methods to solve the conflict between people and the environment, and brings sustainable value to agriculture.
​ Like Silver Gate, a classmate who is also a social enterprise incubator, and also hopes to provide healthy diets to more elders and families.

"I tell you this is really super ~ delicious! 』

The founder of Yuanpei Nongfang, Youren Ge, always warmly recommends to us, and we also hope to share this enthusiasm and dedication to healthy, non-toxic and friendly ingredients to you and your elders.


From Ornamental Rice to Black Bear Stuffed

You may be wondering why there is a black bear?
Is this drawn in P or with crayons?

​ In fact, this is the use of leaves from Taiwan Hualien No. 23 rice.

Plant out!

​ Different from ordinary rice varieties, its leaves are purple-black, breaking the single fate of the original ornamental leaves. Now, the milled white rice is re-mixed with Taiwan grains to brew Taiwan's only top pure grain light soy sauce.

local food
​ Refreshing dishes

Black Bear Brewing uses Taiwan's Hualien No. 23 rice, Taiwan fragrant honey tea beans, wheat, rock salt, and has no additives. The whole process is non-toxic and friendly to plant. It not only protects the land of Taiwan, creates "environmentally friendly and sustainable", but also promotes "rural regeneration". , but also to help you enjoy health!

Whether with sashimi, into soup, stir-fry, or dipping
​ All make your taste buds taste the ultimate delicious taste.

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