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​Using technology to connect food delivery resources for the elderly

The new revolution in Taiwan's long-term care industry begins with the delivery of meals to the elderly


​our service

Change the traditional management methods of foundations and social welfare organizations serving the elderly in Taiwan (relying on paperwork and phone calls),
Changed to APP-based and cloud-based management, making it more convenient and smart to serve elders and helping more elders.


Online food delivery care

The whole Taiwan series

location tracking

volunteer matchmaking

Send Meal Care on Meal Arrival Instantly upload and store as a cloud file
​ Immediately understand the needs of elders for matching

Connect with restaurants, elderly canteens, and food delivery ambassadors all over the world
Connect services across Taiwan

No need to call and ask the delivery staff where the delivery ambassador is on the APP side to report immediately
​ Real-time tracking of positioning status

Ca n't find someone to deliver meals to the elders?
This thing is no longer there, connecting the whole Taiwan manpower
Solve the problem of lack of work

​No longer worry about where people are


GPS positioning system

"Where are you? 』
"Grandma is asking when it will be delivered! 』

Most of the foundations and associations that deliver meals to the elderly in Taiwan are most troubled by not knowing whether the food delivery volunteers and staff are safe and punctual . Unless everyone is equipped with GPS location trackers, they will not know them. Are there any delays in the delivery of meals?


How are the elders doing today?
Online synchronous return

Online instant care returns

"How's the meal today? 』
"Is the health of the elders okay? 』

In the past, the care visit forms were all paper or phone calls. The stacking of documents did not help the children and social workers who did not live with the elders to immediately understand the needs of the elders. After we delivered the meals and materials, we would send them back online. The care form can be received synchronously in the background, instantly understand the needs of elders, and connect to resources in real time.


Immediate care, resource linkage

Care and rematch

截圖 2021-03-20 上午12.52.18.png

After the meal delivery care, professional consultants such as nutritionists and physicians are connected to assist the needs of the elders.

Many elders, whether financially capable or in need of assistance, will face inconveniences due to the inconvenience of where they live or physically and psychologically, and cannot obtain timely nutritional counseling and telemedicine needs. The silver door meets basic needs through meal delivery and then connects to resources for help elder.


PDF,CVS easy management

One-click upload of online reports

There are enough case data to be given to the government by Key every month

Most foundations and associations undertake food delivery cases from local government units. It takes a lot of time to Key in a lot of documents and materials every month. The food delivery care and form of the silver door can be
One-click download, docking long-term photo data , saving time and effort, but the efficiency is full.

​I am a unit and would like to cooperate with Silver Gate
I am also an organization that serves the elderly and long-term care, or a manufacturer or organization that wants to help and seek cooperation.

Submitted successfully! A specialist will contact you in 3-5 days.
Silver Gate looks forward to having the opportunity to create a better society with you!

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