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in those corners of society,

You don't know them.

​Food delivery may seem small, but it addresses their basic needs

With the growth of the elderly population, Chiayi is already the city with the highest ratio of elderly population in 2019

Although there are many local governments, social welfare organizations, stores and related units, they are silently delivering meals to the elders in the city, or providing the service of donating materials, trying to meet the needs of the elders for three meals.


However, these services are not necessarily available every day , and are often only provided on weekdays. The reason is that the manpower for food delivery is mainly volunteers, and it is not easy to recruit people, which makes the food delivery service unsustainable and stable.

Some "economically disadvantaged and marginalized households"

Seniors cannot get meal delivery.

We also found that there are units that assist elders in delivering meals, but their resources cannot be integrated with each other : large and small non-profit organizations and civil organizations are fighting alone for the local elders, when they step outside the relevant units However, there is a lack of food delivery resources in different regions, or the food delivery process is complicated and cumbersome, and the standardization of audit qualifications has caused some elders of "economically disadvantaged and marginalized households" to be unable to obtain food delivery services.

Silver Doors Dedicated to Assisting Service Gap

help the disadvantaged, the elders of marginal households can enjoy meal delivery service

We recorded the stories behind these elders,

invite you to meet

They still need food and clothing in the daily life they cannot see.

Through regular and fixed-point meal delivery, we deliver not only lunch boxes, but also health, care, warmth and love.

The following elder cases are for the elders who are now providing free meal delivery service at Silver Gate,

In the process, the elders will be gradually increased depending on the funding situation.

未命名的作品 24.png

Ah Chai Ma

Although the 90-year-old Achai Ma has the Chiayi City Government's Chinese food delivery service every Saturday from Monday to Friday, but through the referral of the Huashan Foundation, we found that Mama is always hungry. Severely malnourished.

It turns out that grandma has a son who is mentally handicapped. Because he has no ability to take care of himself, grandma loves his son and always tells us"Cub Aweixialie"


So I gave my son the only lunch subsidized by the government, and I didn't have enough to eat.

Since the silver door provided Ah Chai Ma with another free bento service, Grandma looked better, and made up for the lack of the government not delivering meals on Sundays, so that the mother and son no longer bothered about three meals.

Representative: red whistle

Mamaw carries tools to keep mice away from the room

未命名的作品 25.png

Mammy Aji

It is also a case referred by Huashan Foundation.

Living alone, never turning on the lights.

He receives a low-paying allowance from the government for a month. He only has to pay for the rent, utilities, telephone, and gas, and the few remaining funds have to be used to pay for medical expenses and meals.

That's why she doesn't turn on the lights.

In the pitch-dark room, the food delivery ambassador with the silver door was the only light in the room every day whenever he delivered food to Ajima.

When we left, grandma would still tell us to remember to turn off the lights, and we would also laugh and say that we will come tomorrow morning,

You should also remember to get out in the sun more.

Representative: cake bag

Grandma's door is used as a bag for recycling. After using it for a long time, I can't bear to throw it away.

未命名的作品 23.png

Grandma Li

Grandma Li is an elder from a low-income household provided by the Social Assistance Section of the Chiayi City Government. After our visit, we learned that her only daughter suffers from depression and is unable to support her two daughters.


Therefore, raising two granddaughters who are still in kindergarten has become Grandma Li's daily routine. At a young age, she still often goes to work in the Gezi Opera to make money for her livelihood.

Despite receiving low-income government subsidies, it is still very difficult. Not only does she have to pay for her family, but she also has to provide for her two granddaughters to study. Because her granddaughter does not have healthy food at home, she often eats greasy self-service lunch boxes and junk food.

Through meal delivery, we can give our grandsons and grandchildren healthier meals when their grandma needs them, allowing them to reduce the burden of three meals.

Representative: Gezi Theatre

Grandma went to the place where Gezixi worked

未命名的作品 22.png


Grandma Lu, who suffers from "lupus erythematosus", was referred by a supervisor and social worker at Chiayi Christian Hospital.

A pious woman, not only has lupus erythematosus, but also has physical diseases such as visual impairment, and it is very difficult to live alone when she has no relatives.

Even if it is inconvenient to go out to a nearby restaurant, it seems like a simple thing to us, but to her, it is a big event that is as difficult as the sky.

However, Chiayi Christian Hospital cannot provide vegetarian meal delivery service at certain times. Through the silver gate, we work together to solve the difficulty of her three meals for grandma, so that grandma has more mental and physical strength.

Representative: The lotus clock in grandma's living room

未命名的作品 1.png

grandpa wind

The same case was referred by a supervisor and social worker at Chiayi Christian Hospital.

Grandpa Feng's left foot was accidentally amputated, so it was extremely inconvenient to move, and it was very difficult to even walk to the door of the house.


There are often empty cans of gluten and eight-treasure porridge in Grandpa Feng’s house . Because of the inconvenience of movement, he often eats some canned food sponsored by the organization for three meals. In the long run, it will cause malnutrition and imbalance.

The walls are covered with damp and peeling cancer. Grandpa Feng just leaned against the bed and watched TV. This is his day. We hope that through our regular meal delivery, we can give him more health, vitality and encouragement.

Representative: The piles of canned gluten placed in front of the bed before grandpa delivered the meal

未命名的作品 21.png

grandpa spring

Grandpa Chun is a low-income case provided by the Social Assistance Department of Chiayi City.

He is diabetic and visually impaired and lives alone.

Always ride my bike to the nearby buffet to order food, but whenever I feel unwell, I don't have any friends or relatives to help.

But even though Grandpa Chun is visually impaired, he still loves to write calligraphy. He took out the calligraphy he practiced one by one and told us that this was his hobby.

With a restrained and low-key personality, he actually doesn't like to be too public. We approached him as a friend and a junior, and gave him more encouragement, concern and interaction.

Representative: Grandpa's calligraphy works


Ari Ma

July 2019,

Our first meeting with Ari Ma.

Referred by the head of the Huashan Foundation's Love Angels Station at the time, she usually lives with an adopted "son". The son has some difficulties in expressing his language skills, and he also has huge difficulties in taking care of himself.

The floor was too dark to see. It's not black tiles, but grease and stains accumulated over a long period of time. There is a tricycle parked at the door, and grandma often goes out to pick up garbage.

Ali once said to us:

"Why did I wake up the next morning and I wasn't dead yet"
"I am cancer on the wall, no one loves..."

Every time we hear these words, we feel a burst of sadness in our hearts, but we still continue to deliver meals to provide support and care. We once went to the home with the local art team to accompany grandma to paint, hoping that grandma will outline the beauty in her heart.

The first time I took a paintbrush, I drew Xiantao, which is one of the most unforgettable memories. Although I visited for the second time, Ma said that Xiantao was not delicious.

Representative: Xiantao (Does Grandma like it or not?)


Grandpa Zhou

I live in an old wooden house in the alleys of the urban area. The whole house is only 2 pings. When I take a bath, I use the tap outdoors to simply shower, and I use the toilet in a nearby temple.

Living alone, with a disability handbook and low income.


One day, pushing a wheelchair to go out alone, just stuck in the middle of a busy road, unable to move, a female student from South China Business and Industry in Chiayi saw this and immediately went to help. Only then did she find that Uncle Zhou lived alone in a harsh and messy environment. Several female students rolled up their sleeves to help the elders tidy up the house, making the room full of rubbish more tidy.

Silver Gate had the opportunity to carry out artistic care services with the students and elders, and found that Uncle Zhou often encountered difficulties in order to buy meals on his own, let alone cooking in a barren home. Through the introduction of female students, we After actually understanding the needs of the elders, he began to deliver healthy and delicious meals to the elders one after another.

During the meal delivery, I found that my grandfather likes to watch costume dramas, especially every line in "The Gate of the House", he is thoroughly familiar with it.

Representative: DVD of the TV series "The Gate of the House"


Uncle Liu

In the ancient low-rise room, except for a few auxiliary equipment and a few simple clothes, there is this old-style radio.

Liu Bo was reclining on the reclining chair, at an uncomfortable angle, he sat up slowly when he saw us coming, nodded but did not speak.

The social worker Ho of Chiayi Christian Hospital who referred the case said,

"Faber's radio is on every day, and it's just that loud."

While she was saying this, my ear was almost on the social worker's body so I could hear it clearly.

Since Fabo had a stroke last year, he has been receiving food delivery services from the hospital, but every holiday or weekend, when the food delivery service is suspended, he has to trouble his brother to come from other places to take care of Fabo's three meals, running back and forth, plus I've been sick recently, and it's really unbearable.

The silver gate not only fills the vacancy of the elders' meals and relieves the elder brother's burden, but also adds a bit of warmth to the elders' daily life.

Representation: radio


Uncle Wang

The black Chinese wok should be placed on the stove,

But Uncle Wang's pot was placed on the living room floor.

Dumpling juice that had been boiled repeatedly remained in the pot.

Suffering from a stroke, the 58-year-old relapses from time to time, making it difficult to find even a simple job.

Without financial ability, under the age of 65, he cannot apply for long-term care, and he cannot apply for assistance allowance


The family is poor and the family has four walls. There is no toilet, and the water bill cannot be paid. The public toilet is opposite to bathing and going to the toilet.


At first glance at his age, people think that such elders do not need help, but in fact, there are many things in life that are unable to take care of themselves. For three meals, they can only cook dumplings, canned food, and biscuits at will. The social worker of the Social Bureau of Chiayi County also expressed helplessness. The biggest problem is always failing to get permission from government grants or assistance.


During the period of truly assisting Uncle Wang to obtain government support, he provided services through the silver gate, so that Uncle Wang would no longer suffer from poor meals and worsening of his condition due to persistent economic difficulties and the oppression of diseases.

Representative: black Chinese wok


​grandpa chapter

There are several sewing machines at home,

Sitting quietly on the front porch.

Grandpa Zhang is a low-income elder who lives alone...

I don't know if you have helped people modify their clothes in the past?

I look forward to a healthy and heart-warming meal every day, and the old grandfather stood in front of the blue iron rolling door and waited quietly.

Grandpa didn't talk much, so he asked him if it was delicious,

Just nod and go straight

After being persuaded by the food delivery ambassador, he was willing to return to the house.

Living in a rural town, resources are not easy to access and assist, and due to financial shortages, he also suffers from high blood pressure, diabetes, Parkinson's disease and a history of stroke.


Therefore, Silver Gate started its service in July this year, providing fruit and vegetable-friendly products linked to local small farmers for the service of delivering lunch and dinner for the elders to help Grandpa Zhang.

Representative: Needle for sewing


Grandpa Shen

Widowed at an early age, without children, and living alone, he looks healthy, but when he speaks, no one can understand.

He has a very severe stutter, and although he can understand what others say, it is difficult for others to understand him.


Grandpa often used the public telephone in front of the convenience store to call the government and people around him, but he could always hear him shouting vigorously, but to no avail.

Can't blame the government, because there is a shortage of manpower, and if a voice as loud and incomprehensible speaks to me through the microphone,

I might hang up too….


The nearby breakfast shop said he was a regular and always ordered

For rice balls, the proprietress knew that he was in trouble for many years, and she also let him take credit.

But not everyone has kindness. In Grandpa Shen's eyes, it may be more about the defense between people.


The silver door can't make him express normal, can't give him a new home, but at least we can give him a few nutritious lunch boxes, and at the same time we can give him a smile, a greeting and a simple chat.

​ Representation: Old-fashioned calling cards from public telephone booths

Suitable for ambassadors of kindness who want to sponsor meals for disadvantaged elders


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