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The three-meal diet and nutrition of the elders,

Professional assessment by a nutritionist.

Make meals more in line with the healthy nutrition of the elderly


canteen for the elderly


friendly meal




Meal Evaluation

Silver Gate Special Dietitian
Yazhen Nutrition Consulting Agency

We and Chiayi City【Yazhen Nutrition Institution】Hong Manhui  Special cooperation with nutritionists, we will provide professional nutrition counseling for vulnerable elders referred by the foundation and self-funded elders whose children apply for their families.
Dietitians will conduct nutritional evaluation of meals for our cooperative dining units: seniors' canteens, seniors' homes, healthy restaurants, etc. , and give the most professional and appropriate dietary advice based on the health and disease conditions of the elders, allowing us to cooperate with lunch. Stores and canteens can provide elders with suitable meals based on the nutritionist's advice, which is more in line with the health of elders .


3 reasons to need the help of a nutritionist


Medication status of different physical diseases


Balanced diet promotes health


Reduce hospital visits
​ Prevention is better than cure

Elders usually have different physical conditions,
From drug use to physical illness, it is necessary to pay attention to the nutritional configuration of meals .

Elderly people are prone to high blood pressure, diabetes, and even taking Wafrin blood thinning drugs.

When a child applies for a meal delivery service, we will use a nutritionist to understand and evaluate the elder’s physical condition and medication situation in advance , and provide the most appropriate meal choices and suggestions.

At present, many elderly meal delivery agencies and units in Taiwan may not necessarily provide the most suitable and balanced meals for the elderly.

From microwave food to general buffets with insufficient nutrition and unbalanced food, it is impossible to obtain a more balanced and nutritious diet after long-term consumption.

​ By cooperating with nutritionists to check the meals and stores we cooperate with, we can ensure that the meals delivered are more balanced and nutritious and promote the health of the elders .

Many elders because the malnutrition, unbalanced, inadequate protein intake easily lead to "sarcopenia (Sarcopenia)"

Causes persistent and general loss of skeletal muscle mass and function throughout the body, which may result in disability, reduced quality of life, and even inability to take care of yourself and an increased risk of death.

By ingesting healthy and nutritious meals daily, the number of medical visits is reduced, and prevention is better than cure from diet maintenance.

Hear what they have to say!

I have just had surgery recently and went home to recuperate. My children are also working in other places and it is inconvenient to come back. The situation is not serious enough to require nursing care, but it is not convenient for me to take care of three meals. Nutritional intake is very important to me. It may not be able to achieve nutritional balance, so my daughter helped me to order meals from the silver door to reduce the burden and allow me to be healthier!


Originally, my weight was 38kg, which was too thin and malnourished, but after starting to use the food delivery service to deliver healthy and nutritious meals on a regular basis for one month, my weight became 41kg! The meat has gradually grown back. Before the meal delivery, I ate the eight-treasure porridge, milk powder, and overnight dishes at the bedside, and I didn’t have any appetite. But now I have healthy and delicious meals, and I can chat with the boy who delivered the meal. Something to look forward to every day!

Chiayi City  74 years old  Grandma Wu
Changhua City  89 years old   Asya

​Partner agency certification

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Yazhen Nutrition Consulting Agency was founded on September 1, 2013. Our aim is to allow people aged 0-100 years and above to receive professional nutritional care, so that people have a concept of nutrition, and then know how to maintain their own health .


   The vision of Yazhen Nutrition Consulting Agency "hopes to add "nutrition" to all food-related industries to achieve the goal of "health" . society .


Yazhen's Vision

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