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A service platform connecting the elderly in Taiwan to deliver meals

The vision of Silver Gate is to connect the service resources of food delivery for the elderly in Taiwan, and become a platform for children and sponsors to help the elders and disadvantaged elders to deliver food.


Whenever children from different regions apply for meal delivery service from Silver Gate  , we will match local food delivery resources for the elders: canteens for the elderly, friendly restaurants, and arrange food delivery ambassadors to deliver meals to the elders.

The service areas are divided into "developed areas" and "undeveloped areas" .

Developed area

Those who want to apply for meal delivery service, such as elders living in "developed areas", can complete meal delivery within 3 working days after application at the fastest, and within 7 to 10 working days after application at the slowest.

Taipei City


Shilin District

New Taipei City

Xindian District, Pingxi District, Yonghe District
​ Xinzhuang District

Taichung City


Taichung area
Some areas depend on the route

Changhua City


Changhua City

Chiayi City

East and West

Chiayi County

Minxiong Township Liujiao Township Zhongpu Township
​ Shuixiang
​ Puzi City

undeveloped area

If it is an "undeveloped area", after receiving the application, Silver Gate will check the local food delivery resources for you "free" , about 7~14 working days.

If the local government and relevant social welfare units already provide free services, they will be referred to their children immediately to avoid wasting and overlapping social resources.

After the inspection, if there is no elderly food delivery service in the local area, Silver Gate will take another 10 to 14 working days to match you with local elderly canteens, friendly stores, and local food delivery ambassadors.

After the matchmaking is established, children must order at least 30 meals to ensure that the area is developed as a "developed area". Once it becomes a developed area, it will be more convenient to order meals in the future! (Refer to developed areas)

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