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銀色大門 X Gogoro 

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Hope to set up a food delivery service for the silver-haired elders,
A social enterprise that achieves happiness, joy, and a friendly cycle,
Dreaming of letting the elders in Taiwan deliver food resources,
can be integrated with each other,
Let every corner of Taiwan,
All can enjoy the service of exclusive elder delivery.


With innovation, design and future thinking,

Accelerate the transformation to an urban lifestyle of smart mobility.

Every power exchange process is a positive cycle of energy.

Gogoro is convinced that,

The cycle of mutual energy will create a better society,

And from the brand culture to the people of this land,

Invite you to participate in the meal delivery program for disadvantaged elders,

Every piece of energy from each other,

All continue to exchange better changes for our tomorrow.

 make the world warmer

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For each sponsorship, you will receive an exclusive GoShare ride of RMB 20.

The Silver Gate and Gogoro invite you to change the world with action.

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Every mutual Taiwanese is an energy exchange station.

Time and time again, it is the process that Taiwanese people exchange energy from each other and move forward.

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Every elder is also an energy exchange station.

The process of serving the elders is also healed by the elders.


food delivery care indicators

our service

food and clothing

days of service

​serving elders

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Maybe we think that it is the elders who bring warmth to the elders when delivering meals, but sometimes, it is the elders who bring warmth to the delivery ambassadors. When we are about to leave, the elders will smile and say to us:
"Ah, you have to pay attention to safety while riding! 』


I give you the meal, and you give me the smile.
​ The food is hot and the heart is warm.


Timely and fixed-point care, and then use the online APP to return,
Just to allow the elders' needs to respond more accurately,

Whether it's their smiles, their sorrows,
their daily needs, their ailments, their thoughts,
I want to record it well so that the information will not be lost.
Allow the care to stay, so that you can take part in the day of the elders.


​Flowing caring words and pictures,
It's because I want you to care about you from afar.

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​Try to serve lunch between 10:30~11:30,
Dinner should be served between 16:30~17:30.

Love should be timely and care should be timely;
Food and clothing should be timely and participation should be timely.
I hope we all have a chance,
Work together for the dietary rights of the elders,

because you'll never know,
This meeting is not the last time.

Amount of each sponsorship

With the expansion of the silver gate, the demand for meals for the elders will be increased through the referral of local units that may not be able to serve the case entrustment, and each cost will be fully used as the meal delivery fund for the elders after deducting the cash flow and necessary administrative expenses.

Room service fee (meal/carriage)

Nutrition Consultant Fee

​ Food delivery staff safety insurance

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​Cash flow and necessary administrative expenses


  1. After the sponsorship is completed, a thank you letter will be sent within one to two weeks. In the event of the Spring Festival or other force majeure factors, the delivery time and frequency will be flexibly adjusted in line with the operation.

  2. Except for the mention in the thank you letter or public post to let the sponsors know the sponsorship status of the disadvantaged elders, the rest of the information about the disadvantaged elders will not be disclosed. Please do not call or leave a message to ask questions about the individual disadvantaged elders.

  3. The elders sponsored this time are for specific service elders, and this fee will not be used to increase other case purposes.

  4. By sponsoring, you will become a member of the Silver Gate Elder Ambassador, and you will receive regular e-mails about the Silver Gate service records and cases. If you want to cancel or change, you can write to us.

  5. If you have any questions, please contact us by email:, or send a private message through the official website or Facebook.

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