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What we send is not just lunch, but also care, love and health.

Origin: The day the meal was delivered

In December 2019, we were volunteers of a foundation in Chiayi City. Our mission was to deliver meals to the disadvantaged elders in Chiayi City.

Ayunma is our first case. One day, as usual, I came to Ayunma's door and noticed that the lunch box from last night was not finished and was still hanging by the door.


There was no response to the knock on the door or the phone call. It turned out that she was unconscious in bed because of a hepatic coma. We immediately called an ambulance and notified the social worker and family members, so as not to cause any regrets.

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It turns out that the value of delivering meals to the elders is not only to provide the elders with food and clothing, but also to achieve the function of "auxiliary care ".

Let the food delivery staff who deliver meals at regular and fixed points can understand the situation of the elders, further assist the elders to give care and care, and " re-match " to the relevant social welfare units.


In order to give away a lunch, care and love,

Every day we open doors to the homes of our silver-haired elders.

From the day we delivered meals to Ayun Ma, we made up our minds to work hard for disadvantaged elders and elders who need meal delivery services due to physical inconvenience.


Create a food delivery platform for the elderly that integrates resources, so that every elder in every corner of Taiwan can enjoy healthy and convenient food delivery service.


You cook, we deliver!

Foundations, communities, or canteens for the elderly that did not deliver meals originally, because of our connection, we can start the delivery service and let them serve the meals that they would have served. We will train, assign, and find delivery staff. Meals for the elders! As a result, these catering units can operate their own operations more sustainably.

You serve, we are complete!

There are foundations and community units that originally served elder cases. Although they provide elder services, they do not necessarily provide meal delivery services, usually home cleaning, visits, companionship, bathing cars, etc. However, if in the process of their services, elders are If there is a demand for food delivery, we can make the elders' service more complete because of our connection!

You have a shortage, we help!

The units that originally delivered meals to the elders often did not deliver on holidays or dinners, or on specific dates due to lack of work and working alone. In order to allow the elders to enjoy the delivery service every day, we made up for the areas they could not deliver to. days!


The accumulation of these bits and pieces allows the elders to chat and observe the status of the elders and provide further assistance.


We have specially cooperated with the [Yazhen Nutrition Organization] in Chiayi City, and we will provide professional nutrition counseling for the vulnerable elders referred by the foundation for free. In addition to the initial visit and 24-hour dietary assessment, the dietitian will provide the most professional and appropriate dietary advice for the health of the elders, so that the bento shops and canteens we cooperate with can provide the elders with suitable meals according to the dietitian's advice.


Every one of you who subscribes for meals for disadvantaged elders, or your children who order meals for the elders in your family, is our "elder ambassador" of Silver Gate. You will receive regular letters from Silver Gate every Sunday night. In the letter, present the progress of the team's operations, the general situation of the elders, and let the sponsors understand the flow of sponsorship funds, just like you are helping the elders and growing together with us.

孫士姍  Soozan Sun
黃竣彥 John Huang
范 曦  Fan Si 
方俊忠 Justin Fang
周明慧 Carol Zhou
梁嘉汶 Sally Liang
陳意菱  Siou siou Chen
王慧玲  Huei-Ling Wang

In the process of delivering meals, you will definitely encounter a door, which is the home of the elders;
Silver is the color that symbolizes elders.

We are "Silver Door - Meal Delivery Platform for the Elderly"
I hope that what I send in my hand is not just lunch, but also health, care and love.


The silver gate is to set up a place where silver-haired elders can deliver meals through

A social enterprise that achieves happiness, joy, and a friendly cycle,

The dream is to let all the elders' food delivery resources in Taiwan be able to connect and integrate with each other,
Let every corner of Taiwan enjoy the service of exclusive elder delivery.

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