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Qingyin co-creation and reconstruction cultivate enlightenment from the campus.

From the school gate to the elder's gate

After walking out of the campus, put knowledge and ideas into practice


Colleges and departments




local elders

We can bring more services and changes


Professional knowledge|On-site training

Elderly care, nutritious meals, daily health care, elders' physiology and psychology expertise, through inviting lecturers, local schools, colleges and departments to share expertise and knowledge, practice local training, and help people, service providers, teachers and students who join the Silver Gate. The course improves the quality of service content, and completes knowledge practice and transfer.


Course Lectures|Industry-Academic Training

Through industry-university cooperation with schools, a series of lectures and professional courses are held, so that current and future food delivery ambassadors and participating people can enhance their understanding of the aging society through courses and lectures.

At the same time, it connects relevant departments of the school, connects the school's majors with the public through students, and applies what they have learned to social practice.


Resource Import|Link Reengineering

The Silver Gate helps the elders to participate and improve with all kinds of resources from physical to psychological: from accompanying the elders to carry out "artistic care companionship" to "Animal-Assisted Activities (AAA)", home healthcare, etc., We expect to gradually introduce various resources, activities, courses, etc. into the homes of the single-living, seniors and elders we serve.

Partner school


Wufeng University of Science and Technology

Beginning in 2020, we have cooperated with Chiayi Wufeng University of Science and Technology, linking the school's "extracurricular activities development group" and "school clubs" to help the local community in Chiayi.

"Food Delivery Ambassadors" and people who are interested in the elderly and service issues have jointly designed seven wonderful training seminars for food delivery ambassadors .

Lectures include
"Traffic Safety Regulations"
"Silver Gate Service and Concept" , "Meal Delivery Ambassador Grading and Service Introduction" , Silver Gate Special Nutritionist sharing the knowledge of "Elderly Nutrition and Diet" , Huashan Foundation Love Angel Station Head, served in Hongdao Foundation for 4 years Elder social worker
"Senior Elders and Service Sharing" .

Through this series of courses, the purpose is to

1. Make the general public better understand the needs, difficulties and development of an aging society, and then inspire them to become a member of serving the elders
2. Let the active food delivery ambassadors have a deeper understanding of the elders' service, deepen their enthusiasm and service quality, and understand the ideas and needs of the food delivery ambassadors through interaction
3. Continue to strengthen industry-university cooperation with local schools, copy the successful model to campuses in other regions, and recruit more students and clubs to join the Silver Gate to participate and help the lives of elders.

It is hoped that in the future, teachers and students from the "long-term care-related departments" and "service university associations" in the university can walk into the elders' homes and create and grow together with the silver-haired elders.

Contact and cooperation

Through industry-university cooperation, the provision of teachers, students and majors on campus not only exists in the school gate, but can be extended to the homes of every silver-haired elder in Taiwan.

There are about 36 colleges and universities related to long-term care in Taiwan, and related professional fields and departments can be combined with the services and needs of the elders, from the art field to the field of recreation and health, nutrition and catering, marketing and business management, Majors in various fields such as drama and music can, through cooperation in real estate studies, bring services and majors into deeper, wider, and more social practice, so that what they have learned and applied can be effectively created.

​ If you are a university or college in a related department, or a society, or have any possibility of cooperation, please contact Silver Gate!

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