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1. Rare, strong and fragrant! 12 proof but amazingly smooth, with higher protein content per 100 ml.
2. Family-loving mommy, fitness, fitness, vegetarian favorite.
3. Soymilk refined with rich experience: With decades of pulping experience, hundreds of thousands of cups have been sold.
4. Professional soybean milk production process, can be stored for 10 days unopened.
5. Soybeans from a single farm are strictly selected in Taiwan. It is safer not to mix beans. Soymilk is smooth and fragrant like fresh milk.​
6. In line with SGS inspection specifications, Fubon product insurance is 10 million.

12% concentrated fresh soy milk, high-quality protein, carefully selected soybeans that nourish Taiwan's land, non-GMO and no additives, ISO20000 & HACCP

沐甄豆 鮮濃香豆乳*6瓶組(免運) 350 ml冷藏宅配

NT$699 Regular Price
NT$589Sale Price
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