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​Origin to the table of the elders

Responsibility for food consumption and support for purchases in response to elders' public welfare feedback.

17 Friendly Partnership


02 Zero Hunger

12 Responsible consumption and production



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Cooperate with local friendly farming small farmers and brands for e-commerce sales. Purchasing goods through public responsible consumption, supporting plans to jointly donate cooperative ingredients, and provide meals to the disadvantaged and economically marginalized elders to enjoy.

​Friendly food cooperative small farmers and brands

Reasonable allocation of love resources, giving love back to ingredients, and delivering meals to the canteens of the elderly in need and the homes of elders who deliver meals at home.

Silver Gate Food Delivery Ambassador, Team Partner

​Make up for the lack of funds for the community canteens for the elderly. Give back the plan to donate food and send it to the cafeteria​ Cooking provides community elders. Let the silver door food delivery ambassadors deliver the cooked meals to the elders' homes!

​Canteens for the elderly, community dining bases

​consumer support


​Restaurant/Corporate Cooperation

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Origin traceability, store partner map

Trace the origin of the cooperative source, use the ingredients in a friendly way, and use the restaurant store, and the cooperative response unit,
Welcome restaurants, producers, friendly food brands, enterprises, etc., to cooperate and join!

Origin to the table of elders|​ Food Donation Newsletter

Share donation reports every month, transparently record and share the amount of food donations and traceability of donated ingredients,
Let the partners who participate and pay attention to the origin to the table of the elders can see the benefits of action and practice.

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