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​Using technology to connect food delivery resources for the elderly

The new revolution in Taiwan's long-term care industry begins with the delivery of meals to the elderly

​our service

Change the traditional management methods of foundations and social welfare organizations serving the elderly in Taiwan (relying on paperwork and phone calls),
Changed to APP-based and cloud-based management, making it more convenient and smart to serve elders and helping more elders.


Online food delivery care

The whole Taiwan series

Send Meal Care on Meal Arrival Instantly upload and store as a cloud file
​ Immediately understand the needs of elders for matching

Connect with restaurants, elderly canteens, and food delivery ambassadors all over the world
Connect services across Taiwan


location tracking

No need to call and ask the delivery staff where the delivery ambassador is on the APP side to report immediately
​ Real-time tracking of positioning status


volunteer matchmaking

Ca n't find someone to deliver meals to the elders?
This thing is no longer there, connecting the whole Taiwan manpower
Solve the problem of lack of work

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GPS location tracking

​where are you? You no longer have to worry about where the volunteers who go out to deliver meals and supplies are, you can track the status of the labor force through mobile phone location.

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