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Cooperative restaurant


Our partner restaurants are located all over Taiwan:

Local friendly restaurants, boiled healthy meals,

Vegetarian restaurant, elderly canteen, community canteen,

Nursing homes, homes for the elderly, centers for the elderly...

These partners are responsible for the production of

Nutritious and healthy meals that meet the needs of the elderly,

Then our silver gate is responsible for delivery to the house.










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Chiayi City

Chiayi City is the birthplace of the Silver Gate and has the most cooperative partners.

In order to make the meals of the elders more diverse and nutritious,

At present, there are a total of 13 cooperative restaurants——

4 meat-friendly restaurants

4 Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants

1 meat and healthy porridge

2 local canteens for the elderly

2 local elderly homes

Meat friendly restaurant

​Pure natural healthy meal

Choi Natural is the first cooperative unit of Silver Gate in Chiayi City. The proprietress, Xiao Zhen, is always enthusiastic about public welfare and often donates money to do good deeds. When Silver Gate was rejected by various bento shops, only Choi Nature reached out to us. , hold us firmly, and are willing to adjust the meals and dishes according to the complex dental and nutritional needs of the elders. From Monday to Sunday, even during the Chinese New Year, manpower and ingredients are arranged to prepare a nutrition for the elders. A full meal.

Meat friendly restaurant

Small Cauliflower Health/Fitness Lunch Box

The meal of cauliflower is mainly for healthy groups, and it pays special attention to the ingredients used. In addition, the seasoning will also reduce sugar, oil and salt.

The proprietress of Xiaohua Ye used to work in the maintenance center  #nursing therapist , she can understand the dietary restrictions that elders have when they have bad teeth. Now she can cook the most nutritious meals for elders with her own hands. This is what she has always wanted to do, so she thought to be with the silver gate  #chiayi  Elders serve.

Meat friendly restaurant
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Home - Buffet

As the proprietress of the Hakka family, she not only works hard to get home, but also wants to send warmth and health to the elders' homes together with the silver door.

The least greasy and delicious home buffet in the western district of Chiayi City provides the best choice for elders who do not want to eat too light and not greasy.

The proprietress usually sends more meals to homeless people and elders who live alone, which coincides with the concept of the silver gate.

Meat friendly restaurant

Chiayi Highlight Hotel

The Silver Gate team noticed the exquisite craftsmanship of the hotel's chefs 👩‍🍳, as well as the richness and deliciousness of the dishes, and actively contacted various hotels, hoping to cooperate with each other, so that the elders have the opportunity to enjoy healthy and delicious restaurant-level meals .

Received numerous refusals from hotels, and finally  Hotel Discover Chiayi Highlight Hotel  Happy to agree.

Meals for friendly elders are provided by the bright spot 🍱, and then by our  #food delivery ambassador  Go to pick up the food and deliver it to the homes of the elders of the mayor of Chiayi, forming a beautiful cycle 🔄

Meat and healthy porridge

PAPPA Papa Warming Porridge and Noodles

"With the love of caring for your family, I will cook a bowl of porridge for you. 』

"Food that can be enjoyed by 0~100 years old,
Subvert your imagination of porridge! 』

PAPPA is not only full of love, but also insists on using production and sales experience and selected ingredients for all its ingredients; rice is the soul of a bowl of porridge, and the two girls tasted it at the Taipei Agricultural Products Exhibition. Rice; because this rice is planted on the red soil next to Jianan Dazhen, it absorbs the rich minerals of the red soil, making the porridge more elastic and sticky.

The vegetables, shrimp and eggs used are all traceable, and I am really happy to share them with the elders.

Local old man canteen

Xingcun Community Canteen for the Elderly

At six or seven o’clock in the morning, the mothers started preparing and cleaning their own dishes. Everyone performed their own duties. Between ten and eleven in the morning, when all the meals in the community were served, they began to cook, and the elders of the community came one after another. In the cafeteria, community volunteers will deliver meals to elders who are inconvenient to leave the house.

Until the afternoon, some volunteers from our community will ride motorcycles to the hot pot restaurant in Carrefour to get more ingredients for the day and become a sustainable cycle♻️, reduce the waste of leftover food, and complete the concept of food bank.

The silver door fills the gap of ingredients in the canteen for the elderly. The canteen for the elderly makes healthy lunch boxes that meet the needs of the elderly, and also achieves a friendly supply cooperation from farm to table!

Local old man canteen

Xing'an Community Canteen for the Elderly

Chiayi City near Zhongpu  #xinganhuajia canteen  supply  #五米米, a friendly canteen with a variety of dishes, among which elders are also encouraged to bring their own

"Eco-friendly Bento Box" to serve meals!

Diligently serving the elders of the Xing'an community, the chairman of the board of directors who serve the people, the aunts and uncles of the cooks, all worked very hard, even the food delivery ambassador Xiaoxin would buy an extra one every time, because the meal looked too surging and delicious La!

Not only five-grain rice, but also soup, delicious fish, and a variety of dishes.

Homes and Nursing Centers for the Elderly

Yan Song Nursing Home

Eating the same dishes and cooked dishes in the same restaurant every day makes you and I feel tired and want to change the taste. The elders also feel the same way.

Helping the elders not only eat well and healthy, but also eat "happy and enjoyable" is the mission of Silver Gate.

Yansong prepares meals for the elders in the hospital every day, and the resident nutritionist and professional chef cooks dishes suitable for the elders., so that the meals of the elders are closer to their needs.

Homes and Nursing Centers for the Elderly
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Cibao Elderly Care Center

Cibao Nursing Center for the Elderly on Daya Road, East District, Chiayi,

Director Xu graciously agreed to cooperate with the Silver Gate, in addition,


Also by combining the silver gate with the connection of local small farmers,

Plenty of delicious fruits and vegetables

In the form of from farm to table and food bank, it is shared with the elders of the conservation center as fruits or ingredients to achieve a friendly cycle.

Vegetarian Friendly Restaurant

Vegetable Garden

Many fruits and vegetables in the store are planted by the boss in his hometown in a natural and non-toxic way. Not only are the ingredients healthy and delicious, but the content of the meals is also full of Shanghai style.

We have a long-term vegetarian elder serving in Chiayi City. She is also very particular about the ingredients. She praises the deliciousness of the food at the vegetable garden!

No exaggeration, people who want to see pictures of meals,

Click the link below!

Vegetarian Friendly Restaurant

healthy vegetarian

Yin Xiaobian's favorite vegetarian restaurant during his four years at Chiayi University

The secret is here!

"Menting like a city" is the best adjective for this store.

As long as it exceeds 6 o'clock in the evening, the dishes in the store will be almost zero, and you can only eat some dishes ><

The only reason for the crowds is that the ingredients are fresh, the cooking is delicious, and

Not greasy at all!

There are also many elders nearby who will walk to enjoy their meals, so the boss and the proprietress also know very well what eyebrows should be paid attention to when cooking in front of the elders!

Vegetarian Friendly Restaurant

​Zhongxing Vegetarian

A small shop specializing in vegetarian noodles, rice and soup upholds the concept of being loyal to the original taste, happiness and health.

The chef's brother decided to start a business, and his father decided to support him unconditionally

The younger sister became a little helper in the operation, and the family opened this happy and healthy vegetarian restaurant together.

No monosodium glutamate or MSG is added to the material, naturally no burden
The udon noodles made by my brother's own hand are so chewy

The full of vegetarian braised rice with Buddha’s heart to the peak is loved by the elders.

The silver door is crowded and I want to be with you

The reason for Zhongxing Vegetarian's cooperation.

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