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[Free Shipping for 12 Entry | Black Kite Made Cocoa Rye Juice] Taiwan Raptor Research Association Black Kite Conservation X Elders' Public Welfare


Ingredients: Cocoa, Barley Malt, Hops, Water

Pingtung natural agricultural law deeds make cocoa, barley malt, hop flower, water, four kinds of raw materials,

Vegan, alcohol-free, refreshing barley malt is naturally sweetened with no added sugar for a natural aroma.

The raw materials are natural, the drinking is natural.


It also supports the public welfare of the elders, and gives back to the elderly canteens and food delivery elders near the production area.

Let the good ingredients be used for public welfare, and the black kite conservation of the Taiwan Raptor Research Association.


A bottle of "Raptor Conservation", "Natural Farming Law Contract", "Elders' Food Welfare",

Tasting the Black Kite Maca rye juice has become a motivation to take care of society and the environment.


[Drinking reminder] This product is not completely filtered cocoa powder,

Slightly cloudy is a natural phenomenon, allowing everyone to enjoy the purest nutrition and flavor


NT$1,350 Regular Price
NT$1,338Sale Price
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