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2~3 kinds of home-cooked vegetables + 2 kinds of lettuce per box; suitable for a small family of about 1~4 people, about 3~5 days of serving (varies according to the frequency of consumption)

Each box contains home-cooked dishes suitable for cooking, and pesticide-free hydroponic lettuce, making edible cooking choices more diverse!


(There are 6 kinds of home cooking, 2~3 kinds in each box; 7 kinds of lettuce in total, 1 kind in each box. There are new items from time to time)

|Product name "Comprehensive Vegetable Box 🥬" $599 per box, free shipping at low temperature!


per box  2~3  home-cooked vegetables; 1 lettuce

(Mainly seasonal vegetables, small farmers produce vegetables randomly)

|Cultivation method <br>Non-toxic|Hydroponic

|Vegetable items (small farmers randomly select and ship)


[Home-cooked food items] (each box contains 2~3 kinds)

Chinese Cabbage Paitsai

Kyoto Mizuna

Water spinach


Pak Choi

Lettuce Mibuna

Big leaf Paitsai

Vitamin Veggie 

Purple Paitsai 

Creamy Cabbage Toy Pak Choi


[Lettuce items] (2 or more per box)

Romaine Lettuce

Caramel Lettuce

Red Flame Lettuce

Green Flame Lettuce

Red Oak Lettuce Red Oak

Green Oak Lettuce Green Oak

Green Roll Lettuce Green Iceberg

Red Iceberg

Butter Head

Red Butter Lettuce Red Princess

Sword Lettuce

Wrinkle Lettuce


Sesame Leaf Arugula|Rocket

Kale Kale

A dish Arden Lettuce 

Basil Basil

Fukuyama Lettuce 

Kyoto Mizuna

*Baby vegetables Baby leaf

Integrated hydroponic lettuce box (including home-cooked vegetables)

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