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This product is a friendly epidemic prevention box launched by Silver Gate and Fenqifu!
The contents include four non-toxic Fenqi Fu Rice Cakes (you can choose the flavor freely) + four non-toxic Fen Qi Fu Rice Bricks (you can choose the flavor freely) + a baby rice fragrant

Name: Four rose flavor rice cake ingredients: flour, rice, salt, Stevioside (natural plant extracts)
Product Name: Fenqifu Rice Cake-Cream Ingredients: Flour, White Rice, Salt, Cream Spice, Stevia (Natural Plant Extract)
Net weight: 60 grams, expiry date: 2 months, marked on the outer packaging (the first
Storage conditions: Please avoid direct sunlight and store in high temperature and humid places.
Place of Origin: Taiwan The equipment or production pipeline of this product is used to process products containing milk and gluten. Consumers should read the ingredient label carefully before purchasing.

During the ripening process of rice, some of the grains will be dried into dark grains. This is a normal phenomenon, please eat with peace of mind.
When this product leaves the factory, it has undergone strict quality control. Please avoid placing it in a place with high temperature, humidity or sunlight exposure. If you find any defects when purchasing, please contact our company to replace it with a new product.
This product has been insured with product liability insurance of NT$10,000,000. The insured amount is not the claim amount (product liability insurance is only available in Taiwan) Award-winning honor AA global pure flavor evaluation 3 stars medal ITI European international flavor evaluation 2 stars Brand Chiayi's popular recommended souvenirs Product introduction: Fenqifu uses grain ripening technology to make healthy and oil-free original rice cakes with less salt and less sugar, retains the traditional rice flavor, and melts in the mouth. The sodium content is in line with children's daily intake The amount of rice cakes that make children and adults feel at ease.

Rice cakes are very suitable with tea and milk. Adding milk is like oatmeal. It can also be spread with jam , which has a great flavor.

Insistence of rice cakes: rice cakes are made without oil patent / no added preservatives / no added colors / no added flavors / no trans fats

【Golden Rice Bricks Series】Rice Bricks <br>Product Introduction: Mixiang is a traditional Taiwanese snack, with the beautiful meaning of [Kamixiang marrying a good girl]. Fenqifu is committed to the research and improvement of traditional production methods, and the The production method is innovative, and the concept of less oil, low sugar and no additives is introduced to produce a fluffy and crispy taste that is different from the traditional rice fragrance. It is combined with the local characteristics of Alishan - wasabi and brown sugar. People are touched by golden rice bricks.
Seaweed Rice Fragrance Ingredients: Rice, Sugar, Malt, Seaweed, Pepper, Salt, Palm Oil
Mustard Rice Fragrance Ingredients: Rice, Sugar, Malt, Mustard, Salt, Palm Oil
Original Rice Fragrance Ingredients: Rice, Brown Sugar, Malt, Palm Oil
Curry Rice Fragrance Ingredients: Rice, Sugar, Malt, Curry Powder, Salt, Barley, Mung Bean Powder, Palm Oil

Specifications: 10 pieces of individual packaging/bag Shelf life: 2 months at room temperature, origin: Taiwan Golden Rice Bricks Perseverance: Pass SGS 310 no pesticide residues and related tests. No added preservatives/ no added colouring/ no added fragrance/ no trans fat

Name: Fenqifu-Baby Rice Fragrance (Vegetarian)
Ingredients: Maltose syrup, rice, non-hydrogenated palm oil, sucrose, salt


Rice Brick Flavor 1
Rice Brick Flavor 2
Rice Brick Flavor 3
Rice Brick Flavor 4
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