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Ingredients: fragrant rice, sugar, malt, almond fruit, black bear stuffed soy sauce (Taiwanese honey tea beans, wheat (Taichung No. 2), sucrose, rock salt), olive oil


The rice fragrant made from black bear-stuffed soy sauce has a sweet and salty taste, and its unique packaging gives you just the right feeling of satiety and the little luck of not sticking to your hands! The two flavors of soy sauce and seaweed are full of aroma, crisp and perfect proportion of salty and sweet. Black Bear Stuffed Light Soy Sauce is a light soy sauce brewed strictly in Japanese style using Taiwanese domestic rice, wheat and soybeans. The sauce is lighter in color and can be used in dishes that pursue aesthetics such as soups, chawanmushi, vegetables, and Edomae Tamagoyaki. You can feel the aroma of soybean and wheat in the entrance, and the finish has a distinct sweet taste, which is an indispensable role of kaiseki condiments. This time, it is made into soy sauce rice fragrant, and it is made into a crispy snack with full aroma. We use the brand of black bear brewing to explain to consumers that every field planted by farmers has the opportunity to become a habitat compensation area for wild animals. Friendly farmland, reducing the use of pesticides and fertilizers, not only protects the health of farmers, but also allows wild animals to have a temporary hiding place when they enter the farmland. We believe that if there is a care for the environment behind every consumer product.


The origin-to-the-elders dining table program cooperates with the Yuanpei Nongfang brand, and each sale will support the program to give back ingredients to the local elderly canteen and delivery elders, so that the elders can enjoy it together.

Stuffed Rice Fragrance with No Added Soy Sauce|Soy Sauce/Seaweed Flavor

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