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【Premium Rice】【Taiwan Local Farming】【Land-Friendly Farming Method】【Elderly Charity】

Yuanpei Agricultural Law cooperates with the production area to the elders' table to enjoy each pack of 147 meters, and will support the production area to the elderly table plan and Yuanpei Nongfang's public welfare to give back the 147 meters of local friendly agricultural methods, so that the canteen and the food delivery elders can enjoy together. Premium 147 is the brainchild of Yuanpei Nongfang and Daren, showing the blend of sustainability and delicious value. We use the ultimate cultivation method to pursue that every grain of rice should be plump and translucent, in order to reduce production capacity in exchange for high-quality masterpieces. After two years, we searched for farmers who could produce the quality of Japanese fantasy rice, and cultivated Kaohsiung 147 in a sustainable way. Reduce the use of fertilizers, avoid soil acidification caused by excessive use of fertilizers, and bring better rice quality. Translucent and beautiful like white jade, the size of the super 147 is almost uniform. You can feel the aroma of comfortable and elegant desserts during the cooking process.


【How to cook rice】 When cooking, you need to wash the rice until the water for washing the rice is clear. Use the IH electric cooker to cook rice, add water to the scale of the electric cooker according to the number of cups of rice. If you use a Datong electric cooker to cook rice, please soak it for 20 minutes, let the rice grains absorb water, drain the rice grains, and add the same amount of water into the pot to cook the rice according to the number of cups of rice. Delicious and sustainable go hand in hand. Super 147 Delicious, interprets our core concept of local creation: delicious taste, starting from science. Rural sustainability requires technological solutions. We hope that the design of this product can invite more people to recognize the value of environmental sustainability and protect the beautiful Taiwanese with us.


【Full 6 packs, you will receive Binchotan! 】

How to add rice to Binchotan - 1. Cook in an electric pot together. Put the washed Binchotan and rice into the pot and cook together, which can make the rice expand and become soft, more fragrant and delicious. 2. Put it in a rice bowl for better preservation. Put charcoal in the rice jar to keep the rice jar dry, to prevent long rice bugs


Binchotan is a charcoal with a crystalline structure made by sintering hard beech wood at high temperature. The carbon burned out by high-temperature pyrolysis technology can conduct electricity like graphite rods. Using such charcoal as a source for grilling produces almost no smoke, for those who love grilling. Binchotan is a must-have fuel. #After washing with water, there will be no ash residue that sticks to your hands. If we look at Binchotan with an electron microscope, we will see various pores on the surface. This makes Binchang charcoal a porous material, and has a certain hydrophobicity, which can adsorb some more hydrophobic organic molecules. Therefore, due to the deodorizing properties of Binchotan, some people put it in the cabinet to deodorize and dehumidify.


"But the most wonderful use is to use it to cook rice." Clean the binchotan so that no ash remains, put it in an electric pot and cook it together with the rice, so that the taste of the rice can be revealed. For the electricity for making sushi, I will use the kitchen where #new rice is mixed with old rice. Binchotan also appropriately helps to show the taste of old rice. It is mixed with new rice to make vinegar rice with distinct grains, so as to avoid the state of new rice. Too much moisture leads to the dilemma that vinegar rice has no taste. And it can be reused after use. What should I do if the binchotan has been used for a long time? You can replace the old binchotan with a new one and use it as fuel for the Mid-Autumn BBQ~!



[Buying rice for public welfare: Feeding ingredients back to the canteens for the elderly and the disadvantaged and marginalized people in the community] The origin-to-the-elderly table plan will give back a certain percentage of sales to local canteens for the elderly and the community and neighbors to have meals together. Matching units with food resource needs, allowing the effective flow of food materials to those who have exact food needs. Even during the period when the canteen is suspended during the epidemic, it can be provided to the elders who are inconvenient to go out, so that the food can create more public welfare and social food and clothing.


NT$130 Regular Price
NT$129Sale Price
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