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【Fengqi Fu Rice Cake Series】

Using grain ripening technology to make healthy and delicious creamy rice cakes with less salt and sugar, retain the traditional rice flavor, melt in the mouth and absorb low sodium, high fiber, low fat, delicious and unburdened


Product Name: Fenqi Fu Rice Cake - Cream Rice Cake

Contents: 60±5% grams

Ingredients: Flour, White Rice, Cream Spice, Sugar, Salt


Place of Origin: Taiwan Shelf life: 2 months at room temperature


Product introduction: Fenqifu uses grain ripening technology to make healthy oil-free creamy rice cakes with less salt and less sugar, retaining the traditional rice fragrance, and the taste is melted in the mouth. The sodium content is in line with the daily intake of children, so that children and adults can enjoy Peace of mind rice cakes. Rice cakes go well with tea and milk. Adding milk is like oatmeal, and it can also be spread with jam, all of which have great flavors.


The persistence of cream rice cakes:

Healthy no added / no added coloring / preservatives / MSG low sodium, high fiber, low calorie, low fat Grain ripening technology, oil-free process


Friendly reminder:

This product contains gluten and dairy products and is not suitable for people with allergies.



Public Welfare Cooperation:

The origin-to-the-elders table plan connects Taiwan's local-friendly products with simple and transparent ingredients, not only to allow everyone to enjoy carefully selected good products, but also to support the concept of public welfare. For each purchase, we will give back to the elderly canteen, together with our partner stores. Home delivery elders. Make up for the shortage of food resources in the canteen and the shortage of funds, and at the same time allow the elders to enjoy a variety of good food.

Cross-border cooperation with Fenqifu Rice Cakes to sell 20 packs of rice cakes with simple ingredients, non-fried, low calorie and low sugar, and give 1 pack to local elders. Donate $50 for each box sold. If you have poor teeth, or your physical condition is not suitable for eating too much sugar, you can enjoy snacks with aftertaste in addition to the lunch box.

Rising Fortune Rice Cake【Buy 10 Get 1 Free|Free Shipping】

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