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Main raw materials: water, milk po, foxtail, fairy grass, red dates, licorice, astragalus

Product Category: Milk Po Tea Drink|6 Groups [Free Shipping]

Capacity: 900 ML ± 5% 

Shelf life: 180 days

(Refers to the unopened state and storage under normal conditions)

Expiry date: The year, month, and day are marked on the bottle or cap

Matters needing attention: This product contains green grass raw materials and the sediment is slightly turbid, which is a natural phenomenon

Storage Conditions:

Store at room temperature, avoid high temperature or sunlight, refrigerate and use up as soon as possible after opening to ensure flavor quality.

Entrusted manufacturer: Dafang Hezhan Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 71 Beining Road, Keelung City

Tel: 02-2469-0800

Entrusted manufacturing factory registration number: 18000343

This product has been insured with 10 million yuan product liability insurance


[Drinking reminder] The green grass raw materials are precipitated, and it is more delicious to drink after shaking!


"Don't worry, Xian drink tea!"

Are you exhausted from the lights of the city, the noise of vehicles, and standing in the crowd?

Stop, unscrew the cap, and fill you with energy!

The Tang Dynasty poet Jiao Ran once said: "What is it like to be a Qiongrui juice of the immortals? One drink will clear the sleep, and the feeling will be refreshing and refreshing..."

Today's society is in a hurry, and "Xian Drink Tea Tian Xian Guo Drink" is rich in nutrition like a tonic.

Let people stop and take a sip, and the body and mind will be full of energy.


Dafang Hezhan Co., Ltd. combined with the secret recipe "Tianxianguo", a must-have treasure at home during the mining period of Malingkeng in Keelung,

The planting method of natural farming method and the farmer's cooperation, through the research and development of local ingredients to make "Xianxiancha" - Tianxian fruit drink,

Concentrating the centuries-old wisdom and natural practices of the ancients, when the bottle is opened, it is fresh and scented with ginseng.

The natural and full sweetness enters the throat with the drink, nourishes the body, nourishes the qi and refreshes the heart.

Whether you are a busy office worker, a student who is under exam pressure, or you who want to treat yourself well,

Enjoy the good things in life!


This time, Silver Gate cooperates with Dafang Hezhan, and each purchase will support us to give back the natural ingredients of "Fairy Drinking Tea" to the local elders, so that they can enjoy it together healthily.


NT$800 Regular Price
NT$750Sale Price
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